Madden NFL 19 PC E3 2018 Preview

This is a big year for football gaming as Madden NFL 19 PC is back, returning for the first time in about a decade. This is a large change-up that was casually thrown out there during EA's press conference during E3 2018. I was surprised to actually have hands-on time with the game while I visited EA Play as I just assumed consoles were being used. This was great as the game does look visually improved, but without a frame for reference against consoles I'm not sure how much better this looks.

It was definitely sharper around the edges and looked greatly improved in smaller details but I won't give definitive thoughts in terms of comparing PC to console here. It was really odd to play an EA sports game such as Madden on PC yet I'm sure it will be welcomed by the community that's still holding onto the basically retro last version and updating it every year through mods. I've read their sorrowing stories online. With that out of the way, let's dig into what's new this year.
Madden NFL 19 PC Screenshot
The initial large focus is with the continued development of Real Player Motion to try and further capture that authentic play of the sport. This includes fan favorite celebrations bringing the quote "swagger" of today's NFL. You can also now push back against blockers for extra yards, instead of getting pushed around or flopping by them. The last part is One Cut so that you can more naturally make transitional moves. Madden Ultimate Team is getting new content and features to no one's surprise, expect more of that if you like it.

They're continuing to push Frostbite here for better visuals and this version will certainly look gorgeous on Xbox One X being developed with the premium console in mind instead of an after upgrade. Play as Devin and Colt and continue your Longshot story in Franchise or MUT with an expanded experience. This is the narrative campaign they added to the game, it's alright. I didn't see it in action at E3 2018 however so I can't comment on it. Finally Legends are very present and expanded upon. Madden NFL 19 is looking great on PC and it should be a fantastic return for those that have been awaiting it forever.

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