Life is Strange 2 Install Size

The install size for Life is Strange 2 has been revealed coming in at a definitely fine size at launch releasing on September 27, 2018 and taking up a total of 17.96 GB on the Xbox Marketplace. This is the current total size for the game and you can find the size for each of the individual episodes below.

Episode 1 Install: 11.95 GB
Episode 2 Install: 6.01 GB
Episode 3 Install: 0 GB
Episode 4 Install: 0 GB
Episode 5 Install: 0 GB

The game is also Xbox One X enhanced providing possibly a 4k resolution with no HDR support mentioned among other improvements. Life is Strange 2 provides fresh characters following two brothers as they attempt to head for Mexico. Following a tragic accident in Seattle the pair attempts to flee the police while concealing their powerful supernatural ability. Life is tough on the road, especially for the younger of the two. Their decisions will have last impacts as you choose your way through this narrative driven episodic series. Marketplace Storepage (Showing on site)
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Life is Strange 2 Install Size Screenshot

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner