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Is Crackdown 3 Still Releasing?

With an extended development cycle, missed release goals and constant delays, is Crackdown 3 still releasing? I've been wondering this recently as the game was supposed to finally be available in late 2017 and now we're in Spring 2018 which was the next set time period with no idea. There's no word, not even a mention that this game is still coming to Xbox One at some point. It's rather odd as even State of Decay 2 finally has a release date which is after the specific named window for Crackdown. This whole situation around the game has been a mess for years from the cancelled multiplayer beta, to the fact this was supposed to sell the cloud which I'm feeling won't be integrated this generation.

I'm more disappointed than anything else with the game gaining an ever expanding lack of interest as time progresses. I really do enjoy these titles, both of the past Crackdown games despite some of issues folks have with them and it would be nice to get an idea of this third entry is actually happening. I mean, traditionally this isn't even a large release for the platform, yet it seems like a big one for 2018 assuming this is the year it finally arrives. There's a certain point where you really do wonder if you'll ever get to play the full game. I liked what I saw aesthetically at E3 2017 though I do know others had major issues whereas I faced some minor glitches including being stuck in a building.
Crackdown 3 Orb Screenshot
It wasn't the worst of early E3 demos as they do usually patch things up towards fall launches, but I suppose that wasn't meant to be. We still haven't really seen anything from the multiplayer side of things so I'm not sure if that's real or not. It shouldn't be too difficult of a game to make quite honestly, unless they've done something really complex with the formula. Traditionally you just go around taking out the occasional gang boss and cause some explosions. There were some side activities such as addictive Agility Orb collecting, but this was busy work in a large world. The map is significantly bigger though the general gameplay concept should be about the same. It's just strange to have no ideas what's happening with Crackdown 3 despite the work on it taking ever so long.

It should be one of the big Xbox exclusives of the year and there's pure silence on it. We don't know if it's even releasing this year and it might even slip to yet another event such as E3 2018 which would be ridiculous. You definitely lose a lot of the fan base's faith in a product if they wait too long, it's not like this is Final Fantasy. It's just Crackdown, I hope it's fun like the other games though my expectations have been raised a lot for the game due to the time in its development. I have low hopes and high expectations, which isn't a great thing going into a game. They probably don't want to drop it and have issues like with Scalebound or Fable Legends, but it could have that sense of failure which would be crushing.

This and Below are the last of the older titles we've been waiting years for. The question will be if this is a success like the charming Cuphead, or another cancelled title from the Xbox One exclusives line-up. Whatever the case, I'm curious about the state it'll launch at and if we'll ever get another definitive launch point for the game.

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