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Heroes and Generals: Hacksaw Ridge Medic Promotion Interview

Interview with Jacob Andersen from Reto-Moto, Game Director for 'Heroes & Generals'

Just to start things off could you briefly describe the Heroes & Generals in-game promotion with the Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge?

Jacob: Reto-Moto together with Lionsgate and Steam have set up an exclusive bundle where you get a digital copy of Hacksaw Ridge, as well as the “Heroes & Generals Medic Pack,” which contains a 14-day Veteran Membership, a Medic Pouch for one soldier that allows players to heal themselves and friends in battle, and 5x Medic Ribbon Booster for use in game.

Where did the idea to do this promotion with the film come from and why was this a great fit for the game?

Jacob: First Aid Kits have been a long standing wish from the community which we started working on a few months ago, coincidentally we were made aware that Lionsgate was about to promote their movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ on Steam and we thought it would make a nice case for co-op marketing so we decided to accelerate the development process. Both movie and game are set in World War 2 making them a natural fit – but it is the story in Hacksaw Ridge about how one man can make a difference in the war, that really appeals to us, as we want you to feel that you as a soldier can make a difference in Heroes & Generals.

Heroes and Generals Hacksaw Ridge Promotion Interview

Is the team interested in pursuing similar future promotions and what sort of content tie-ins do you think would be a good fit for the game?

Jacob: If the right opportunity presents itself we might do something similar in the future. What it might be I can't say, but of course it would most likely have something to do with World War 2 to fit well with the game.

Since I did an interview for the launch of the game, I was curious of how the response has been from the community since Heroes & Generals left Steam Early Access?

Jacob: The community has reacted very well to the launch of Heroes & Generals, and they have experienced that we actually meant it when we said, that launching is only the beginning – we have launched three updates since launch, and before the end of March we will have released two more.

An MMO like Heroes & Generals is an ever evolving game – it literally is alive – and we are very keen to continue the development for many years to come releasing regular updates.

Heroes and Generals Jacob Andersen of Reto-MotoJacob Andersen of Reto-Moto above

Building on the previous question, would you like to highlight a prominent new or upcoming feature for Heroes & Generals?

Jacob: We made some major additions to the aerial combat and controls in the game. Six new planes have been introduced in the two latest updates for the game, and we have added several options for flight controls making flying a plane as easy as pointing the mouse at where you want to fly.

We also have brand new maps in the works. The community already had a chance to try them out, and the feedback have been very positive. There is still a great deal of work to be done before we release them, but they are expected to become available later this year.

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