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Interview with Peter Harmon ; from Still Games, for 'Animal Gods Questions'

Here is an interview on Animal Gods which is an old school styled adventure game that's currently on Kickstarter

For those unfamiliar to Animal Gods could you provide us with a brief overview description of the game?

Animal Gods is an open world, action RPG set in Bronze Age Europe -- mixing the core combat of classic Zelda with an intriguing story surrounding the great Animal Gods and the new coming of bronze metals.

I noticed there's mention of other games that have inspired Animal Gods, could we get a quick thought on the influence from those particular titles and the features present in the game because of them?

Sure. Final fantasy and Chrono Trigger are references -- Animal Gods shares a top down perspective and lets you interact with NPCs with some of those charming & heartfelt JRPG story moments. The combat feels a bit like classic 2D Zelda.

The world is set to be open for us to explore, what sort of crazy creatures or environments will the player come across?

The monster catalogue will contain a variety of bronze imbued beasts & fiends along with the fleshy sort. There will be Animal God boss encounters as well. We have a side quest called Devil's Moon, a stretch goal right now, that is a haunting story that you unravel while exploring Ancient Europe at night. Most of the environments will be gameplay first, so you'll have you skillfully avert problems & hazards on your journey.

The combat looks wild from the screenshots I've seen, care to discuss this a bit more and what sort of weapons a player will be using?

Thistle carries a short range / high damage Bronze sword and a long range / low damage rift bow and has a These weapons are upgradable, and each functions better in some situations than the other. When you play the game, you’ll learn how to use them efficiently. Thistle also features quick dash, which she uses to avoid hazards and jump to new locations.

Animal Gods Screenshot

How will the whole 2D action/adventure theme tie together the combat and open world play?

Open world in Animal Gods means that you can choose dungeons in any order, while you also get to explore an overworld. There will be a handful of side-stories and characters you meet as well. There will be combat similar to Classic 2D Zelda.

Where did the concept for Animal Gods come from and can we get some back story on its development and main character Thistle?

Thistle is the daughter of her tribe and was chosen to rid the Animal Gods of fouled curse.

She's saving her village, but she gets lost in a much deeper world beyond her small hometown. It's an idea that comes from our love of classic fantastical stories that feature heroes going on a journey. But a key part of this is also the Animal Gods themselves-- a lot of games feature monsters, but we want to create a world that gives these monsters weight, importance and meaning.

What are your current goals with the kickstarter and what potential future stretch goals are there for Animal Gods?

$26,000 will let us port the game to Nintendo Wii U, Mac, and Linux. Other stretch goals will unlock a new difficulty, a new weapon upgrade, foreign languages, a new side quest, and a PS4 port. We rely on funding to make this game, so we really hope that the Kickstarter community will help us add more and more to Animal Gods!

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and write back of Animal Gods and look forward to seeing how it goes with the Kickstarter. If you would like to check the Kickstarter page out you can click the link below and as always I'd like to leave this block for anymore comments you would like to make about Animal Gods.

We're super pumped about Animal Gods and hope that you are too. We want your help, we want your thoughts, so please back us on Kickstarter! Without your help now, Animal Gods won't be possible.

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