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2012 Review

"Apocalpyse Old School"


Basically you are Frank, which wants to become a famous archeologist and spend your savings to go and prove your theory for the end of the world. This brings you to an ancient Mayan pyramid and then things all go south. The character then awakens to a world of sorrow and tons of zombies wandering aimlessly about. Anyways you move about all old school over top view moving around either killing zombies or avoiding them. The artwork for the map, though simple, is very beautiful and makes the entire experience that much better. So feeling like, I would say The Legend of Zelda you traverse through the fairly large map rushing by zombies to complete tasks towards finishing the quest. What’s really neat is the intricate puzzles that are simple in appearance. Not too difficult for you to figure out, but it does take a second sometimes. You will also go about collecting money for better weapons to kill the mass amounts of zombies more efficiently. The zombie AI is slightly dumb and random, yet that is fine. When they gather in clusters, from say clicking the wrong button the zombies are rather deadly. Complete the quests that make you travel and land to solve the pyramid puzzles! There is also a fight to the end mode where endless waves of zombies come at you in a small arena depending on the settings you have selected.

The Conclusion

For an Indie Game it plays well and has some rather nice artwork to go with it. It has a fair length campaign with a nice sized world to explore. Also offers the extra arena style mode for survival and is an overall enjoyable title to play. Finally the zombies are funny to look at and dumb, but destroy you in clusters.

2012 Box Art

Review Done on 2012 for Xbox 360

Rating Overall: 8.0

Reviewed by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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