Lifeless Planet Impressions

"Deep Intriguing Exploration"

After coming across Lifeless Planet I was very interested in the style of an exploration game where story is put at the front while mixing some sort of deep mystery behind it. Taking place in an alternate timeline, the Soviets have gone off into space exploration landing on this apparently luscious planet filled with promising land. Upon landing or well crashing our astronaut begins to believe that this was some sort of hoax until stumbling on what seems to be old structures, town areas and basically a ravaged Soviet civilization. With further exploration throughout this lifeless world he comes across a number of horrors, strange happenings and comes across a mysterious structures. This is told largely through small data pads, audio logs and personal exploring while you basically just move through this world. There are some dangers that you will come across, but these are more down through puzzles or a central task that you must come up with a way to solve. This may be finding an alternate route in the landscape, escaping from falling rocks or taking care crossing massive drops. Though scary and vast in scale these are really beautiful heights allowing you to see the large scale of the map amongst these old ruins. Lifeless Planet really does strive towards a full story told through movement of this world. If you need to get somewhere there are options of how to get there, but everything pushes you along without too much difficulty. This is great as it allows you to just take in the world and enjoy the landscape as you hop around in your spacesuit. Also the music is outstanding and really enhances the mood which was quite creepy while very intriguing making me want to just continue playing. Perhaps it was the chills or the mystery of exploring this seemingly olden wasteland, it was just an awesome experience. Lifeless Planet is currently in early access so only a portion of the title is available and stops at a fairly large cliffhanger and I am really excited to see what happens next!

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Impressions Made on PC during Steam Early Access

Impressions by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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