Happy Dungeons Impressions

I've been looking forward to Happy Dungeons since E3 2015 when I was first able to check it out and was quite curious of where the game was in development. Now at this point Happy Dungeons is a free to play title available for the Xbox Preview Program which basically means you can check it out while it's being developed. Happy Dungeons takes the same sort of design from Happy Wars and applies that into a dungeon crawling format. In a group of up to four players you work together in order to tackle various dungeons in order to collect loot. At the current time it just has a story dungeon area with a fairly good selection of chapters that can be worked through in a squad. Each chapter also has a number of smaller levels within it that in turn each have a number of sections to survive through.

Happy Dungeons Screenshot

The levels thus far have been exciting and were great to play with a squad, you can check out our gameplay of that below. Each seemed to build on the preview with quick cinematics and an expansion of core mechanics. There was also great variety of the environments you explore within the world which was nice and some entertaining themes explored as well. One example would be a happy coup or even the battle against the cookie thief. It's a very friendly game that can also provide a challenge, it's a title that all ages can easily enjoy. At this point the game runs fine while keeping in the same design as Happy Wars so it'll be familiar to players coming from that game. From here they really just need to develop more content to accompany the story such as random dungeons or something of the sort, definitely an enjoyable experience.

Impressions Made on Happy Dungeons during the Xbox Game Preview

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner