Riders of Icarus: Blight of the Frost Keep Impressions

I've been actually quite enjoying my time with Riders of Icarus thus far being invited to a number of preview events while the MMO is in various betas. While it's currently available for anyone to checkout while being in development I was given access to the Blight of the Frost Keep expansion. This area will raise the level cap to 35 and open a whole new area for players to explore. It's a fairly large land mass that carries a frosty theme being a snow biome. It's filled with quests, a variety of new cities and some other fun secrets to explore. I was given a maxed out press account to tour which was awesome as I had this powerful dragon and some decent armor to check out the sights with. At first I just looked around the starting area which is this beach of ice filled with some local creatures and beside the core starting town. The area is also friendly for all types of existing mounts as it has a high sky roof to fly in though I was slightly disappointed by the constricted rock valleys where I hit some invisible walls that directed me on the paths.

Riders of Icarus: Blight of the Frost Keep Mermaid Island Screenshot

That aside there was some fun places to check out such as a Frost Keep dungeon, various side attractions and Mermaid Island as pictured above. You can check out my journey below in the video that shows just some of my touring around. The area also features a wide range of quests to tackle which will aim to bring your level up while of course bringing in new beasts to tame. Quests are once again available either streamlined or with side quests as well featuring full cinematics as well. I also really loved the landscape that captured the frozen feeling well with some unique locations and the path to the Frost Keep was great as well. The landscape is also much more open which will feel different for players and it's much more calming as well. Anyways, the extra area will keep players going and hunting for new beasts as Riders of Icarus continues to grow. I look forward to checking out what's to come with its development and feel free to check out our video coverage as well for a visual component.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner