Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain Impressions

At this point I'm getting quite tired of playing on the same small selection of maps so it's nice to get another one of the free additional maps for the title. With that we have Skull Rain which adds the map Favela and two new operatives. There's also a host of new items as well along with fixes such as realistic maps or new member loading screens since they can't get enough of tweaking those for whatever reason. The first of these new characters is Capitao on attack and his special ability is a flame/smoke crossbow shot combination. It's somewhat neat looking, but the flame really seems to act as more of a flare than anything else not really having any effect on the barricades. I didn't particularly care for the character, but might add him as an alternatively for my assault selection if Fuse is taken. The second character is Caveira which is a female defense character with the ability of stealth. It's honestly one of the most puzzling class choices I've ever seen as it would sense on assault though when protecting somewhere walking around quietly with a silenced pistol is useless.

Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain Screenshot

Now we dive into the new map Favela which is by far the tiniest of any for Siege and probably the most disappointing. It looks great in terms of details and even location as you feel right in the middle of the slums in Brazil. At night there are also fireworks shooting out into the air and a number of smaller details such as a mini soccer field or a market area as well. The core sieging area takes place in a single building with multiple confined levels. Combat is incredibly tight corridors whether you're in a drug manufacturing area or chilling in a common room. Most walls are destructible from all sides making it deadly, but it's far too claustrophobic to be a useful or enjoyable map when defending. I liked the design of general environment though as a tactical level for Siege it just doesn't work well. I wasn't particularly thrilled by this pack and none of the DLC thus far has been too exciting. Hopefully we see something better come around in the future, but I'd honestly have wanted paid for DLC at this point since it might have provided better quality.

Rainbow Six Siege: Skull Rain Screenshot

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner