Fable Fortune Impressions

Fable is a classic series being a staple of RPG play on Xbox and with the developing studio Lionhead now closed it seems we're stuck without any Fable for quite awhile. That aside it seems that a side project was being worked on called Fable Fortune which is a virtual card game based on the series. This game is aiming to jump in with the whole digital trading card craze that's going on with many franchises and applying the Fable charm. While I was skeptical at first it's actually a ton of fun to play and does capture that unique feeling that Fable is known for. It includes the light hearted comedic elements, the sense of adventure with some small quest objectives and also brings in morality.

Currently the game is in a closed beta which I got access to try out and I was mostly able to play against my friend though some others were there in matchmaking as well. The game is split into three areas at the moment with a PVP area, Cooperative area and a special challenge spot which I imagine when the game launches will cycle. So far that's all that's available though it works well and gives a general idea of how far along this game is. You can also spend some coins on the store as they gave us a ton and just open piles of trading card packages. This in itself is a fun little activity when you open a paper fortune teller to collect cards, I will also mention that it seems microtransactions are not in place yet. I assume these would be for buying card packs of various rarity levels or decorative type objects as it's a free to play.

Fable Fortune Screenshot

In Fable Fortune you pick a class of sorts which represent various aspects of the Fable universe and battle with their deck. Each person has their own skill sets which were balanced out quite well and actually can complement each other in cooperative mode if stacked nicely. Some examples would be the Alchemist having cards for team play including potions with bonuses whereas the Gravedigger had many skeleton options or revival. When playing you get a selection of points per round that can be spent on placing cards into play or placing a guard out there to minimize damage to your class character. That point meter grows each round and the number of cards you can place improves with it as well.

It's actually well balanced with anyone having the option to quickly win or even come back after a bad start being possible. The game was also just a ton of fun being quick to learn and hilarious to play. My friend would sometimes have a card where a shoe would get thrown at me or I'd have the local baker battling out there. It's just really a fun time and the game also features some animations with attacks to make it lively. I would however mention that it would be nice to see some of the characters have some motion when they're just sitting out there. Quests come in for bonuses so far and eventually just lead to a choice of a morality bonus. This was actually great as your hero class would reflect that change in design. Fable Fortune was an impressive game when I played bringing that Fable charm players love from the series and being a competitive card title that works. It also seems quite well along in development and I look forward to the full release to at least get some of my Fable craving satisfied.

Impressions Made on Fable Fortune during the Closed Beta

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner