Minecraft Wii U: Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Impressions

Minecraft Wii U is certainly trailing behind when it comes to the power having the same build as Minecraft Xbox 360/Playstation 3. That aside it has what could very well be the best Mash-Up pack yet with the Super Mario Mash-Up. Initially with the release the game appeared to just have certain packages that the other consoles already had and sadly nothing that made it unique. Though with this free and amazing update Minecraft Wii U can now stand quite fine on its own. The mash-up packs for those that do not know include a number of great things being a sort of ultimate Minecraft expansion for the consoles. The first aspect the pack includes are forty Mario themed skins with a pile variations of him along with his close friends. This includes skins for Peach; Luigi, Bowser, Donkey Kong and Yoshi to name a few so there's something for everyone. Along with that there's also a complete texture pack so the world looks like a Mario game. To match that they've also included a custom soundtrack with Mario themed music and it's also copyright free for Youtubers as well!

The absolute best part of the Mash-Up is the absolutely amazing custom Super Mario world. It's not just some thrown together assortment of structure as you can tell this is a labor of love. It's got just a pile of references, massive art statues and buildings that cover the entire history of Mario. There are the classic castles, the themed paths through the various worlds and of course Sunshine village. I was in nostalgic shock going through that place as they've captured it just perfectly and if you've played any Mario games there are areas you will know. Aside from that they also had Luigi's Mansion, Bowser's castle and a scary amount of lava rooms with secret music discs to collect. It's quite magical to go through it all and fans of Mario will definitely appreciate the effort. Best of all this pack is available as a free update which is amazing and it's possibly the best release the Wii U might receive this year. I'd love to see this pack get released on other consoles as that would be great, but at this point I doubt that'll happen. It would also be sick to see a Legend of Zelda mash-up pack as those characters were noticeably absent from the collection. This is a great addition to Minecraft and it's great to see that even something as iconic as Mario can be easily integrated into the wonderful experience that is Minecraft. I've included a quick tour video above and you can check a full walkthrough livestream of the event below which goes in-depth about key locations.

Minecraft Wii U: Mario Mash-Up Livestream Tour

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner