Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line Impressions

While I initially commented on the lack of content being a factor in my Rainbow Six Siege review I've certainly been getting a ton of time on it. At this current point I've apparently logged around 331 hours so you could say I do a bit of passionate sieging in my spare time. With that we're at our second DLC drop called Dust Line which takes a sand theme to things and goes from there. The most apparent addition from this DLC is the two new operatives that are available for everyone if you have the renown to buy them or without it if you got the Gold Edition. Valkyrie is the first and clearly the better of these two units with her unique gadget to create extra eyes. These are of course four extra cameras that she can basically place anywhere in the levels and damn are these useful. The second character which I found only to be semi-interesting was Blackbeard. While he has a cool name his gadget is just a shield in front of his gun, nothing special though this was useful when shooting through walls and providing cover when moving towards enemies blocking some bullets.

Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line Screenshot

The next obviously big part of this addition was Border which is a new map that seems rare in matchmaking at the moment and takes place at a border crossing area. It's a very compact building which was surprising given the larger scale of the Black Ice boat map. This place was decent for sieging making most the walls and ceilings destructible with very little permanent placements. It was also a very tight map with narrow hallways that opened up into very open areas with almost no cover, it was an odd change of pace and definitely didn't quite match the rest of maps. I did also find it somewhat awkward as there was less room to be moving upwards as the indoors forced you to use the stairs. I didn't particularly care for this map as it was mostly average and felt too closed in with ugly walls blocking out any scenery. It may grow on me over time the more I play it and learn the best vantage points though for now I wasn't a fan. Aside from adding in actual content, Dust Line also provided a pile of updates along with other game tweaks from which I'll highlight more important ones. Within the pack they added a few new weapon skins themed from Dust Line, head gear to buy for your operatives and gun charms. I personally love the gun charms as I've had nothing to spend a good 100k of renown on so I bought an expensive unicorn charm for my assault rifle whereas my Frost shotgun got a charm of herself! You also can now adjust your loadouts between rounds which is incredibly helpful to improve strategies and we get an awkward looking victors display at the end of matches. Aside from that they tweaked just about everything in the game as far as regular combat so you'll need to look that list up yourself. It's always welcomed to get some free DLC though I didn't particularly care for this map and the extra operatives weren't that great. Valkyrie is useful somewhat as the cameras are nice, but I still find that Frost is the way to go on defense.

Rainbow Six Siege: Dust Line Screenshot

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