Overwatch Beta Impressions

Overwatch is the second MOBA first person shooter I've been playing recently with Battleborn being the first as it simply released earlier. Initially I found Overwatch to be quite odd and I still feel it's odd, though it's a ton of fun to play. Taking place in real locations, but far in the future the environments are beautiful with so many neat things going on in the background. I was even more impressed by just the number of maps currently available and the very large roster of characters. It was also nice to switch between characters after deaths and that multiple people could play the same character as it's annoying being locked from your favorite. The characters are split into multiple distinct classes based on their abilities though after trying out a couple I eventually settled on Tracer as being my favorite. She's just an amazing character with a overly happy outlook on combat and her specials are perfect for my playstyle. Tracer can teleport swiftly around while shooting clips of small machine guns on enemies or revert back in time gaining back health and having a huge advantage. I really loved playing as this character and found her to be the best fit for my abilities. I also definitely noticed in the game that each role is vital to the team and it'll be important to have a variety of characters as some provide valuable defense while others offer essential support.

Overwatch Beta Xbox One Screenshot

Overwatch is much more fun than I anticipated bringing a nice set of very quick game modes to play. The matches are typically under ten minutes which is different for MOBAS and revolve around pushing or capturing objectives. I was also hoping to see some more middle ground based modes, but this is just the beta so who knows at this point. All that matters is I was having a great time zipping around as tracing shooting the poor enemies and waving "hello" with the lovely emotions system. The game also does a great job of making players feel great as any damage towards enemies counts as a kill so stats are usually inflated, but you feel great at the end. These stats are then compared and averaged out which was a nice touch along with a vote for the most impressive stats by everyone in the lobby at the end of matches. The matches were also well balanced matches with no team getting too large of an edge and matchmaking was really quick. You also occasionally get unlocks with these care packages which grant sprays; avatar icons, character skins and voice tweaks to use with your characters. I was very impressed with the beta on this game and just hope there's more to the gametypes for full release as the number of maps currently available is solid. From the many matches I played it seems like this will be a great game and just a pile of fun. It's definitely a bit different of a MOBA than I expected which is great as I dislike the traditional ones.

Overwatch Beta Xbox One Screenshot

Impressions Made on Overwatch during the Beta

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner