Titanfall Beta Impressions

"Let the Titans Fall"

I'm going to go on and on about how awesome Titanfall truly is, so if you're against it you might as well not continue reading. That was a fair disclaimer I thought, after playing through the Beta for many hours I can comfortably say that Titanfall takes off where I felt that the leader of first person shooters that is Call of Duty seemed to trail off. To say this is the direct route that Call of Duty should have taken would be crazy, though I felt at somepoint one of the developers would perhaps innovate and do some crazy things with the futuristic iterations. This is where Titanfall clearly comes in and takes the mantle as it seems to be the next natural progression for the FPS genre. I'm not going to call anything, but this will most likely be the best shooter of the year for good reason that it actually attempts to do something different, it looks quite like the competition though Titanfall actually has fun with it. It achieves this by giving everyone unlimited parkour abilities and then throws some giant mechs for people to play with. These may seem like simple additions, but they take great length to change up what you're used to without straying too far from the familiar formula. The runners are still free to move through some close quarters areas or take it to the wide open where many Titans come to battle. Balance of course would be an issue, but it really isn't here as you can do just as much damage as Pilot without a Titan as long you know exactly how to treat each situation. You are much weaker than the guy in a suit of armour, yet each Pilot still has little tricks that help them compete or even destroy these metal beasts. That's what makes this element so interesting is that even without your big buddy protecting you, as a Pilot you are just as dangerous to everyone else. Your Titan can easily fight on its own, but it will just never have the cunning or tactical approach that people will take in situations and only has a mission to protect you.

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When playing Titanfall you have to take these thoughts to mind and bond better with the Titan, trust me when I say it makes things much more tense. Others may not personally care, but when you take out my large friend that I have worked fiercely to call down to assist me I take it as a self note to do whatever it takes for revenge. It is with these thoughts that make this game special to me and every single person I have talked to thus far that I have played it with. Maybe not to the same extreme, but they absolutely love it. It just feels like natural progression to shooters and also those side AI that are just awful, they are done so on purpose or at least that's what I believe. What takes people and puts them even more into the game? Give them the apparent rush of trucking through enemies so that even those that don't do well feel the same rush as those actually taking lead in the matches. They are just pylons that lead towards a person on their rampage to calling in a massive mech from space to help them conquer the field of play. So enough on the psychological aspect of this Titanfall, there are many modes that each have something to say. From the ever tense Last Titan Standing that really stemmed from Search n' Destroy to Regular Team Deathmatch (Attrition) and finally to that Hardpoint mode that seems to distract people from its objective. These modes are each crazy and make me almost too excited to see what other game types will pop up. I may have just went all over in terms of writing, it's just hard to capture all that is the beta to a game that will definitely change the industry in terms of what is expected. I honestly haven't had so many people talk to me about a game in a long time in which the matter they are talking about Titanfall. Everyone is amped up to let them Titans fall, it will be very interesting to see how well it is received upon launch.

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Article by: Jason Stettner

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