DOOM Beta Multiplayer Impressions

DOOM has always been one of the essentials in gaming and at this point has been away for a long time. That's all about to change with the classic old style reboot of the series and now we've been given full permission to write about the Beta that's running at the current moment. I was actually quite excited to give this a whirl as the gameplay trailers look crazy and because I missed the previous Alpha awhile ago as I was busy with other things. The game feels very much like Halo and I know many complain about this aspect, but it really does carry that feeling. It combines the look of Halo being very colorfully smooth and then adds a layer of Unreal Tournament to it with item pick-ups. The game is a wild experience of adrenaline filled action with each match being super fast paced and the best phrase to describe it is fucking awesome. It's a gory, wild ride of space marines bouncing around blowing each other up. It did take me a bit to get used to since the controls are very simplified compared to modern shooters and you don't even reload which threw me completely off.

DOOM Beta Multiplayer Xbox One Screenshot

The simple controls actually made the game even more frantic as there was less to focus on while battling it out which is important since the action flies by. It's also incredibly true to its roots being a bloody gory game as there's blood dripping from the walls and players just literally explode all around. Aside from the crazy stock set of weapons which are somehow well balanced there are also extra power weapons to be picked up across the map. This includes a plasma weapon of sorts that turns people into a splash of blood or something like the demon ability that turns you into the Revenant which is just a horrific monster. The creature has rockets attached to its back and damn was it awesome running around disintegrating anyone unlucky enough to get in your way. This character gets passed around through death a couple times and it's scary to be on either end of this monster. In the beta we had access to only two modes with one being team deathmatch where you just fight it out and Warpath which is a moving King of the Hill game. The position just shifts around on this pre-determined path and is a great tweak to a well known gametype to keep the action moving even quicker than before. The beta also includes really in-depth character customization where you can adjust the color and patterns for every piece of your equipment in the game. I don't think I've ever seen a shooter that has this much customization as it applies to every aspect of the game whether that's guns or the large selection of armor pieces. You can even unlock more items to customize your character through playing and leveling which makes the editing much more personal. There are even taunts available as I grabbed a screenshot below though I can't really imagine a time to use them within a match. That's all there is available in the beta at this point and with the game releasing in the near future I'm very excited to play it, even despite the great gory previous trailers actually playing the multiplayer shows this game might be even better than I anticipated. I definitely suggest downloading the beta if you have access and see how much fun it's for yourself.

DOOM Beta Multiplayer Xbox One Screenshot

Impressions Made on Doom during the Beta

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner