The Solus Project Xbox One Impressions

The Solus Project was another one of those titles I checked out during E3 last year which I thoroughly enjoyed. While what I played then was basic only displaying what the game had to offer, now with the game in Xbox Game Preview we're able to dive into two of the missions or even episodes if you would call them that. These offer a great look at what's going to be available in the game along with a general feel of everything. At its core the game is about survival and exploration, you have many vitals that will need to be watched. It's not entirely focused on micromanagement as that could be boring, but does have a bit of a keep things in check feel to it. There's things such as body temperature; calories, fluid and sleep to keep you grounded. You need to watch out for all these aspects while exploring and following the objectives to reach back to the colonization ship.

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The story of The Solus Project is that the Earth was destroyed with the remnants of humanity on a small set of ships around Pluto. You've been sent out to discover a new hope though everything has gone wrong. Now it's up to you to discover the secrets that this seemingly empty planet has and get in communication with the others. This is done through exploration which has you explore not only the surface, but scout the secrets below. There are some puzzles present and at this point they're fairly simple to solve with minor bits of manipulation required or the inputting of items. It does a great job of guiding you from point to point while still making the path feel like a free willed exploration. There are of course many secrets to be found hidden across the world and artifacts to examine so it's best to look around to get a full idea of everything. The game plays fine at this current point with some minor screen tears present and honestly I felt the FOV be adjusted a bit since it seems very close up. I would also like to see a bit more commentary from your character as they were strangely quiet considering all the things they were witnessing and hearing the audible thoughts of this astronaut would have been good. At this point I'm quite interested where the narrative will continue to go and have mostly just enjoyed the beautiful living environments that this planet has had to offer. As far as this being early access it offers some decent content thus far and plays very well. I also wanted to mention as with all early access titles that the game will most likely change over production and I'll have a review when the game fully releases at whatever time in the future that is.

The Solus Project Xbox One Screenshot

Impressions Made on The Solus Project on Xbox Game Preview

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner