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The Kindred is an interesting and peaceful game where you simply look after this group of people called Kin. They live only to serve your wishes as you look over them and guide the people to building a successful civilization. This is an easy process in practice as you just chain together commands such as cut trees or harvest crops, though the game has some great depth in just how much you can do. Think of it in terms of Ages of the Empires with your villagers harvesting crops and then apply some Sims styles to it as they have basic needs to live. They all feel fatigue and hunger so you'll have to be watching for that as you work them. The game features quite a variety of things to such as farming with crops or trees, shepherding animals and manufacturing supplies. The farming is easy to do as you just collect seeds through harvest of plants and then plant them on some tilled land. The crops will eventually grow and you just recycle the same system when they've been harvested. Animals follow a similar path with you herding the creatures into fenced area to harvest from and each animal will require different care or tools to collect their resources.

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The final area is manufacturing where you'll need to use work benches or similar creation tools in order to make general or better supplies. This covers everything from creating a special color of food to beds or even lamp posts. The game features a power system if you're able to craft it to supply light for those dark nights, but best of all it has a variety of colors available for cube blocks to make the civilization look however you want. It really does provide a wide variety of things to craft already which is impressive considering how new to Steam Early Access it is and the title in general feels like it has good polish. I did have some issues where I couldn't get my craft menu to open and would have to reset the game, but this was minor enough. Other than that it featured easy to use menus with a seed generator for unique worlds and just went from there. At this point the game features a great variety of things to do within the world though I felt maybe some more objectives might give more purpose to what you're doing or goals at least to get more kin. At this point I've definitely enjoyed working with my people getting a small structure going along with some farms and what looks like an animal housing area, but it's going to take me a long time to get a real society going at this point which is good. It gives the title some length to it and I'm sure many will burn hours working on their little civilization. So far the game is fantastic, I've had a great time with it and for early access it seems like it's progressing well. I'll write some more impressions later on as it develops and an eventual review when it's completed so watch for that on the site.

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Impressions Made on The Kindred during Steam Early Access
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Impressions by: Jason Stettner

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