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Halo Online is a free to play Halo title based in Halo 3 that has been given many enhancements from Halo 4. This includes things like retextures, sprinting or Halo 4 Spartan armor though the game at core is clearly Halo 3. The game was only released in Russia for a short time which really sucks considering Halo is a big deal for millions that have played the titles so it was odd to restrict the game into a small region. Since then testing of the game has been removed for more work, but the work of some great modders they have created a standalone client for the game which brings the experience to anyone for free. It's an amazing effort and after playing many hours already I can say that I'm very grateful for the work of these individuals. With that it's time to discuss what this multiplayer only game has built in and you can take a look at some screenshots or gameplay below.

Halo Online Screenshot

Halo Online is honestly one of the greatest things I've ever had the privilege of playing. The installation of the game and client is simple, will have a link to the current latest version below so you can download. It's as simple as downloading the client via regular straight connection or torrent and just running it. From there the game pops up with many settings options and a server list for you to hop into. It's a smooth and simple system that really makes it easy for folks to just play the game. I also am lucky to have a strong enough computer and have the game running max settings at 4k settings which makes Halo look glorious. I was even more impressed with the fact that the Halo 3 map textures upscale so well and I truly believe that game will look amazing for a very long time to come. When playing online I started with a mix of Infection which is a classic mode and some objective servers since that's my strongest area. The keyboard controls work well in the game so players will enjoy that, but after a few matches I knew I had to plug in my Xbox One controller since you can't just erase a decade or so of mental button memory. It's great to just sit back and enjoy the glory of the game and it's somewhat even better than playing the Chief collection since everything looks so sleek. The hud has been given a solid overall and it looks very modern yet simplistic at the same time which is great. Matches can currently go up to sixteen players without really any lag disturbances and that aspect is really awesome. It works particularly great for Big Team Battle and of course Infection.

Halo Online Screenshot

The game also brings many classic Halo 3 maps into the title though I did notice many other maps such as DLC titles weren't included into the mix so that was somewhat disappointing. There were also some new maps available in the rotation though those were rarely played since people are really attached the classics. Halo Online is also sick for just the crazy amount of custom games present with everything from Grifball to Halo racing. It also supports custom maps through Forge and some more mod like edits since I played a pile of Fatkid gametypes and the objects were melted in to levels previously considered unnatural. This is a really amazing effort and I could talk for days about all the good feelings involved with playing a title like this and I definitely suggest downloading this. It's got a healthy player base and I can only seeing that grow with more people hearing about it all the time.

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