Reflections Impressions

"Manipulate to Color"

The concept for Reflections is a neat one and definitely something different for sure. With every action you make or thing you manipulate within the world it will change from a shaded landscape to full on bright colors. This is a ting effect with a sound and then the room lights up which is expected on your first playthrough. It's a great way for the game to show you exactly what you've done so far and how the world around you has been changed. These changes will not be apparently right away unless you've completed an objective though they come into affect at a later time in the game on another level. This is of course in Early Access on Steam like so many other titles I've viewed before so there's issues and such present within the game. This was ever apparent in my first attempt at the game where it glitched and none of the items I needed spawned within the world. I had to look up a video on the game in order to understand this and reset. From there it worked largely well and everything was available for me to progress from the room I was locked in. Puzzles are present everywhere in the game you can really choose to do them or not it seems. I didn't have any difficulty doing these puzzles in the process of thinking about how to complete them as many were just logical. Some examples were fixing pipes or solving a room by touching everything. I played the game throughout the first level of sorts and then also some into the second area before finishing since I'm not fond of ruining my experience of the full game by playing too much in early access.

Reflections Game Screenshot

Going onto the environment which I thought looked fantastic with the bland greys that jumped out with colors once you did something. However this was also one of the areas that needs the most work here since there was holes in walls and certain textures definitely needed some improvement to them. There were also whole areas that seemed blocked out since this is early access or feels to me like a demo of the game actually. I was really impressed with the one character model I saw while playing and grabbed a screenshot in 4K as you can see above. Obviously compressed though I she looks really well done and lifelike when moving about in the game. There's a bit of a set-up before you start playing where you select some options of relationships so I'm sure that comes into play at certain parts. Reflections also gave the strange feeling of being one of those emotional type experiences where someone leaves to college like what happens at the end of this first area so we'll have to wait and see how that goes.

So far I'm impressed with what I played as I said before I love the whole concept. It's a completely original way for a game to play around with the environment you're put into and it'll be even more interested to see the long term affects of your actions. I do hope there's more emphasis on an actual narrative since I didn't quite see one being developed here since you did some things and then had a huge time jump with little difference. It's really something to see the place get lit up whenever an action is done since the world is full of more life when it does occur. For now I'm interested in seeing how it develops towards its eventual full release and I'll have more information over time on the game. If you have any questions about this I'll try to answer them for you, additionally you may check out my gameplay below of what I experienced.

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Impressions Made on PC during Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner