Medieval Engineers Impressions

"Crafting in Ye Olde Times"

When I first saw the trailer for Medieval Engineers and I was quite surprised especially since production work on Space Engineers is still going though by the end of that initial tease the video definitely sold me on this concept. Space is cool and all, though I love the Medieval times with knights, castles and that weird dark age style of life. Finally being released on Steam Early Access where it will be developed and changed over time as this studio is really good for that on Space Engineers this game will evolve into something very magical for fans of the olden days. Even at this stage and time I can tell there has been a good amount of development put into this project with a wide spread assortment of objects, items and even some AI features available. On top of that it seems very optimised for modding opportunities and the Steam Workshop which I'm sure many individuals will be eager to play with.

Medieval Engineers Screenshot

Loading the menu you have a many options to customize your world and create a sort of setting that you want to build in. I tried many combinations though I'll talk a bit about the quickstart area and the castle spot since I believe those two will be focused on by players when first starting the most. The first quickstart area plants you within this beautiful meadow with actually a bit too many flowers. You also are given a bit of a starter house which I destroyed with the projectiles available. Why did I do this? Because the physics within Medieval Engineers are beautiful, it's such a treat to destroy things including massive castles though that's for a bit later. I also start building with the palette you get of selections though you can press "G" to open a menu featuring a wider range of objects. So then I built a house and some paths or well just rock areas to get a good feeling of what's available here. There's some great options for creating vast amounts of sectional pieces very quickly and even manipulating the ground to make it how you want. It's all very simple, even more so then the counter-part Space Engineers in my opinion. Really no hate to the Space Engineers which is a great game and I look forward to seeing that on Xbox One later on. So that's great and all, made some neat things which I'll be working on more as I want to build a bit of a town if I can. Let's move onto the castle talk!

The castle pre-built area is actually quite large scale and features more than just a central castle piece. It's more of a keep area surrounded by additional buildings like a windmill to use as an example. With this area I wanted to further test just how intense destruction gets along with some more creation elements. This is where I used some barbarian spawns which have guys screaming out as they target things to break. This worked alright for a few seconds though they trailed off or lost all sense of direction. The thought is there and I'd like to see this used more as online we could make some cool battle or siege moments with friends. Maybe both have castles to fight each other or have a sort of One-Flag scenario going with troops. I imagine this and it could be really great if developed further and I'm sure it will. So leaving these troops I entered the main area and began testing mass destruction. I took out tour, walls and the wind mill with no other purpose then I wanted to. It was cool seeing these buildings cripple down and dynamically break apart. There's so many options for further development and it'll be a treat to write about them. That's all I have for now as I need build even more with this. For now check out my video displaying what I've talked about with a little less explanation there. Follow the site for further write-ups on Medieval Engineers as it develops on Early Access!

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Impressions Made on PC during Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner