Rising World Impressions

"The World Rises"

The Rising World is a game on Early Access which I've been meaning to play for awhile though I wasn't able to initially access it due to some running issue on my computer. Finally able to get everything loading and having played with it a bit, the game is great. It's of course not completely ready as no early access title really is, but it has quite a lot of things that can actually be done within it. Starting out in the open land you look around to notice a number of swinging trees and flowing long grass. Initial items are also available like a pick axe and an axe which will help you cut down or collect the surrounding resources. Another fascinating aspect is when you break the ground or rocks around it breaks in dynamic ways or trees fall in dynamic aspects. This adds a certain realism to the survival which other games of the type don't quite have the same effect. There's also many real looking animals walking about though they don't seem to have much life to them at this point.

Once resources have been collected from the various trees or rocks in the area you're able to use them to craft. Initially I had issues with finding crafting though it's a slightly graphically hidden in the inventory menu. When I first built a crafting table I was amazed by sudden depth of construction possible as there's a whole plethora of items waiting to be built. You create almost everything from fun weapons to house structures and actual furniture. I hate games that don't add in basic furniture to build, it makes everything feel much more lively. Can even create wall paintings and other construction items like fancy stone textures. Though I've just begun my building, watching others online as well has shown some great examples of some neat structures that be eventually constructed. I'm looking forward to seeing what else gets added in the future as I'm already eager to continue building my own house area, maybe even make it castle stronghold like. This may be a quick couple blocks of writing that attempt to capture the essence of what's possible in this, though you should play it for yourself even at this point in early access on Steam. Feel free to check out the first video I made highlighting some building aspects and the Steam page from below.

Impressions Made on PC during Early Access

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner