TUG Alpha Impressions

"Quite Unique and Different"

Now you're probably wondering what TUG exactly is, well let me enlighten you. Set in a voxel world as many titles are these days you will attempt to survive in these harsh randomly generated biomes. This is achieved my harvesting the resources around you and crafting items. Right away we are introduced to my favorite element of TUG which is the crafting system, which is in essence a very crude way of creating items. There's no indication of how to make things, but you'll have to search that up. By throwing a number of resources within a small pile region you're able to select G to begin crafting away. By this method it's very interesting to try differing combinations to see what exactly you can create. There seems to be a vast number of tools, items and just creations you can make by doing this. If you want to get real fancy there's also a crafting table you can make for easier placement and a furnace to smelt particular ores that are collected. Being on the early access TUG is currently in Alpha and like many other games I cover of the sort will continue to evolve over time. The development team seems focused at the moment with how they're interacting with the community and I can see this game getting a bunch of youtube support as the world is fascinating. Aside from the creation the worlds that are randomly generated or created by seeds like Minecraft all look really awesome. From sprawling forests to barren deserts and stiff rock formations each provides their own survival element. This will create an atmosphere where players will want to try out differing biomes and further keep their interests.

As I stated earlier there are a ton of tools to be created from either finding rocks lying around or mining them from boulders. You can also change the type of weapon based on the stick handle you forge it from. At one point I had some awesome club by mistake which was just crazy. Which brings me onto the environment which is filled with things to explore. Also a mention to vine collection as those really tie everything you make together. Within the world there are many types of plants, rocks and some amounts of wild creatures. Currently I've been mauled by a tiger in my first go and in the next took out some weird children fairy things that hop about. TUG is so far an interesting game to play and I look forward to learning more as it develops over time. Watch the site for future updates about the game and checkout our gameplay below.

Impressions Made on PC during Alpha

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner