Trove Alpha Impressions

"Voxel Block World Gone MMO"

Awhile back I took a gamble as do many other games when it comes to paying for access to game while it's in development. Trove which is currently in Alpha is a charming game where you have this small little character you play as that collects loot from everything in the world around you. That's what is quite unique about this world of Trove is that creatures give you default loot you would expect though you can also gather resources from the world. This includes minerals and other basic blocks to build with or create items if you choose. This may seem like a lot for an individually coming into the game which will be free to play at a later moment in time has exploring in a RPG land that has everyone playing together. There's also a massive hub like area for everyone to start from or even clan type worlds for people to get together and build on. For individual sakes you can take a plot of land with you anywhere that pick from these plots and build whatever you want on it. This is your personal house that like I said can be brought to any land with. From there I go onto saying that there are tons of enemies to slay, dungeons to traverse and biomes to explore. The level of difficulty is also scaled by the portal you choose to start with as that will group tougher enemies against you. It's also quite easy to group up with others, find a friend or just find a random to quest with which makes it much more fun. Will also mention that there's a quick menu story and you can buy some enchanting things like pets of a noble dog like stead to ride along with which was sick. Trove is so much fun and I definitely suggest jumping into the Alpha or whatever stage it's in when you read this. Check out our first gameplay impression below if you need a good visual component. Watch the site for further writings and details on Trove over time until a final review when the game releases in the future.

Impressions Made on PC during Alpha

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner