Alien Creeps Impressions

"A Fantastic TD that Learnt from the Industry"

Today I am looking at Alien Creeps, an upcoming new tower defense game for IOS. I love tower defense games on a mobile platform because they work so well in the palms of our hands. When you first start up Alien Creeps you're thrown right into the action. You start the game off with the tutorial, which is really good for people who are not familiar with TD games because it gives you a chance to feel out the controls and learn the game in a fun but intense way. If are a seasoned veteran of the genre it would be nice to skip this because the basic strategies do not change much from game to game. The first feature of this game that I really enjoyed was the music. The soundtrack in this experience is fantastic, it really captures the urgency that one should feel while playing a tower defence but is also pleasant enough gamers won’t find themselves getting sick of it. The second aspect of this game that I thought was good was the art. The art and design of this game are fantastic, they really capture the aspects of guerilla warfare but are able to combine it with futuristic tones that lead to a sleek looking game. Gameplay wise Alien Creeps does not differ from the other Tower Defense games out there. You have your infantry tower, energy beam style tower, bomb tower and finally the artillery tower. Each tower you can upgrade to do more damage. If you' re looking for a game that is bringing lots of innovation then this game may let you down to a degree. In my mind Alien Creeps is a strong game that the team learned from other games of the genre and was able to create a fine experience. You can tell from playing this that the team who developed it put a lot of love and hard work into bring us Alien Creeps which will be available soon for IOS.

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Impressions by: Ken Appleby

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