Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar Impressions

"Quick Based Turns"

The title is quite a mouthful so I'm only going to state it once in this impression block; Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar is an interesting fast paced turn based game. This is presented in turn based combat from which one team attacks and then the other attacks. I usually hate this style of gameplay as I feel it doesn't have enough play to it, though I was pleasantly surprised that the game required me to continually be at the command of it as enemies were flying in rapidly and abilities were need to be used all the time. Balanced well you have a squad of three which has a nice balance of strengths that each character brings to the table and I labelled them by these while of course levelling to their abilities. One would focus on a valid defence, whereas the other was all attack and the final character was just our healer. Each character will have to fight creatures that soar in, though you can swap them around and balance skills accordingly to what's needed as they level up gradually. The characters ranged vastly throughout the chapters I played and also varied in their damage abilities. On top of this movement there are also loot factors that come into play with that showing up on the far left and being thrown away if they fall to the bottom of this spin wheel. It was quite frantic balancing potions I wanted with loot gains and changes with the characters. The story is also of fantasy so there's a nice feel of adventure with the between cutscene interactions between the characters. Aside from the main levels you also get choice side things which can be selected that either benefit or negatively impact the next quest. To top all of this off there's also a crafting system for loot collected where you can get some better upgrades for your characters. I hope this hightlights the Heroes & Legends well with what I played as I didn't want to spoil it all for myself in writing this in the Beta form and it will fully release next month from which we will have a full review for it. I look forward to that of course as I had a great time with the game and follow the site for the future updates.

Heroes & Legends: Conquerors of Kolhar Gameplay

Impressions Made on PC during Beta

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner