Transformers Universe Beta Impressions

"Doing right by Transformers"

Transformers Universe is a game that I have been waiting for a many years ever since I first heard of its creation. From Jagex which brought us the well known Runescape it's nice to see someone take good care of the Transformers franchise this year. After the really awful games and alright movie it's great to play this beta that feels really true to the series. You start off by picking your side whether that be the heroic Autobots or the evil Decepticons and go through a basic training mission. I personally chose the Autobots as I want to fight for good, after selecting this and the well done training mission you move to a general hub. This hub is the basis of what you do within the Universe and where you collect Transformers in your hangar. At a base you get a couple of troops you pick from and that expands as you gain points in battle. What's really interesting about this setup is that your troops only get a life in battle as they need to get fixed up if they become fallen. The combat is done in 5v5 with players dropping in and out over the around half hours matches. Battling away you can clearly see a focus towards cooperative play atmosphere which was what the development team has said they wanted to create. All the players in the game were attempting to heal one another and work of ganging up against the enemy players. Within the match you are free to transform between vehicle and robot, though it's tiresome seeing enemies try to drive away from me. The main bulk of combat is done through strategic shootouts between your various weapons which span a main gun; a rocket gun and a melee weapon. These vary for the classes though these three are the basis for it all. On top of that we also are given some abilities from healing to extra pump ups for assist in combat. This keeps things unpredicatble and crazy all the time as the long matches feel very tense. Whenever conflict arised I played it safe with distance shooting and eventually would pull a melee weapon out to finish them off. As you can see the gameplay is sound and the graphics themselves create a beautiful Transformers atmosphere that other games seem to lack. From the Transformers to the spaces around them it's well done. The beta plays great and I can't wait to see how the full game plays out after all this feedback.

Transformers Universe Gameplay Impressions

Impressions Made on PC during Beta

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner