Battlefield Hardline Beta Impressions

"More of the Same with Cops vs Robbers"

Battlefield Hardline which is some sort of weird spin-off to the Battlefield franchise that focuses on Cops vs Robbers has been available on beta access for a couple of weeks now and I decided it was time to write my thoughts of the experience so far. I've been playing this on PC which is definitely different for me as I'm use to consoles, but it does make the game look a lot better at maxed settings. As far as the game itself goes the whole gameplay felt really weird as it takes a well established series and basically re-skins it into something new. It retains the whole military feel, this really isn't good as the setting its trying to create is something unique and away from what Battlefield is known for. Yet I just feel like it's the same game with new modes and fixed over with fancy sirens! Love kicking the sound to high gear and rolling into some place to try stopping the robbers from destroying your vaults. The modes are also quite weird and the games move by far quicker than in the past, I hope something is done in this regard as Battlefield usually takes time to play. Whereas this goes from a good half hour to smaller fifteen minute matches or even under most of the time. I mean that change is fine, it may just seem really out of pace for hardcore followers of the franchise. So far the focus around cash is fairly interesting as that system rewards you for gathering objectives by allowing you access to buying more items while on the field and such, the one mode where you're collecting cash from a mid deposit to then rush back is quite interesting. Hardline also keeps the same graphic style from Battlefield 4 so it seems like they're somewhat coasting with this one though that's expected since it's only been a year since release. The Levolution returns though at this point I've only seen one event and that's a crane coming down in the middle of the level to really dust the level. Nothing in terms of scale from Battlefield 4 yet, but I expect the full game to have something more impressive. For what's in the world you have standard weapons and vehicles that are more akin to of course recreational effect from regular sedans to full armoured vehicles that actually pack a punch. It's as though the world matches the cops and robbers feel though the atmosphere just doesn't quite seem to capture the essence yet. These are my initial thoughts and I expect the game to change a lot until the launch this year, I'm just worried if they can create a full Battlefield experience. I appreciate the attempt and love the whole Cops N' Robbers thing I just would hate to see this franchise muddled by spin-offs.

Impressions Made on PC during Beta Trial

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner