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"Quite In-Depth"

Gear City is a simulation game that lets you take hold of a whatever scale you create automobile company. Did you ever want to run a company that develops, manufactures and exports cars? Well I certainly never thought I would end up doing so and this game I would say captures that with a lot of great depth, scary depth actually. You can adjust every tiny aspect with worldwide competition, intense R&D choices along with mass choice of budget. So get ready for the thrills of recession job losses, government bailouts and mass recalls! Well, not really in here though that's how I like to think of the industry at this point. I decided my plant would be built at my local city of Calgary in the magical land of Canada and started out on my path of development. Now this is where things get really confusing if you're just jumping into it as I honestly was completely lost in this beautiful office they give you. Of course I forgot to mention I started in around the 1960's as there's a choice of entry for your company to a time spot that you would like to build in and grow with. I imagine a better or more streamlined tutorial system will come to the game, though for the meantime there are really helpful video guides from the developer available through Steam at the moment. Even with some quick watching I was still having some issues with development of the cars as there's so many tiny things you can adjust or play with in design of your vehicles. For enthusiasts of this field you will have an unlimited amount of things to tweak whereas I got lost in the wide range of slider options. The vehicle design system is quite awesome and looks fairly good, though a little complicated for those that want a more casual design process. At least for me that's, though I'm sure the more intense people want even further tweaking systems. I also had some issues with changing parts or adding things to the vehicles I was building, but hey it's early access so things will change over time. There were also some fairly frequent crashes, but nothing too alarming to be worried about as a flaw. I had some fun working with my company for some time and if this is the simulation you want I would say definitely go in for it. I mean, you get a great teddy bear! and a gun in case the people come with pitchforks after you and yours shady company ways. My company is aiming for a more sports car feel so in addition to writing about the changes I will let you know how my company is doing. I'll remind everyone once more that this is early access so I cover it briefly with an overview and will write more as it develops over time. Check back to the site every once and awhile for updates until a final review it published at whatever point the game is fully completed.

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Impressions by: Jason Stettner

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