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Deep Rock Galactic Impressions

Deep Rock Galactic is an amazing game, it's an absolute blast and what I feel could be a smashing success on Xbox. To start, this is a Xbox Play Anywhere game that takes that platform to the ultimate level. Buy it once on either Xbox One or Windows 10 PC and own it for both places, then enjoy cross-play. The entire thing is an online cooperative focused multiplayer so it's great to have everyone come together no matter where they play it.

Deep Rock Galactic has Xbox One X enhancements bringing the game to 1800p at 60fps with HDR providing smooth and vibrant gameplay. It's gorgeous and everything is procedurally generated providing endless possibilities assuming you like the core experience. This is essentially another ultimate release for what Xbox is attempting to do and it's just a complete pleasure in a group, I think this game has some amazing potential. With that, I spent quite a bit of time playing the game with a friend which was great and some time with a larger group.

You start Deep Rock Galactic by working through a tutorial. It gives you the basics and teaches you how to survive in a solo environment. This is much more fun in coop play, but you do get a friendly little robot to hover around and assist when you're by yourself. Following this you're thrown into a large hub area and are free to do whatever. Here you gather your squad, switch up gear or even dance by the jukebox. I assume most areas here are a work in progress as some were blocked off, keep in mind at the time of playing that this is a Xbox Game Preview title. There are tons of options for customizing your dwarf from beards to armor and there are upgrades to work towards as well.

The game also has four core classes available and each does something unique to help the team. It's about finding what works best and what fills a niche in your squad in order to work towards a successful harvest. After you're all ready to go, select a mission from the hub screen and get to it. These missions are constantly refreshing as well granting new content all the time. The gameplay is then just awesome, you work through these completely fresh environments mining. It's always different; I've been in lava places, salt mines, green spots and even areas of pure crystal. You're never sure what to expect aside from the planet area you pick and it's wild. You work with your pet holder, we call him Sparky to throw minerals in and just dig. Everything can be destroyed within the environments and there are many mystical special items to collect.

You throw flares to see, maneuver through gorgeous or creepy cave spaces and look for the riches. You will of course need to keep an eye out for the swarm as they will send everything after you. These bug creatures vary greatly and are exciting to squish or burn through with bullets. Ammo is important so you may need to refill that so watch out and cooperative action is critical to a successful mission. I loved how intense Deep Rock Galactic is to play and fun it was to work through in a group. I think it has real potential to be a big hit on Xbox One with it shining on the premium console offering.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner