Next Car Game Impressions 2

"Even More Destruction"

This is my second impressions on the very impressive Next Car Game, I'll try to cover all basis so you don't have to double read as no one likes articles like that. Next Car Game's goal is to create an ultra realistic and beautiful world full of physics not present in other racing titles. This is the point that makes this lovely game stand out a lot from others as it lets you just trash vehicles. Now this isn't the only point to the game unless you're playing the Derby mode which is my favorite so far, as there are a good growing number of maps for you to actually race on with these destructive physics. I'd even like to request more Derby levels as I really just like to marvel in smashing up my car and other's vehicles. From the base these cars can be destroyed in any numbers of ways which feels really real; from smashing windows, to have crumpled metal or even ending up as a cube if the damage is deep enough. Though this was the basis of my last impression and the most noticeable changes that I've seen this second time around is that the world sounds even better, there's some dynamic weather choice and a ton more races maps for you to see exactly what these cars can do. Even furthermore the most impressive thing for me is that these vehicles feel like they handle a lot better as I was able to flow through races without having my car totalled at the start. You can have the choice to pile the AI onto the race and just have at it or go with smaller amounts of players though I like the latter of just having tons of cars smashing about. With all these new maps added you can really get a feel for the various terrains, whether that be the plain tarmac or even some sandier courses. They all feel real and are packed with a beautiful environment which makes Next Car Game have a completely different feel from other car racers. Not only do you have to be quick, you also have to face the danger of having your vehicle wrecked which can change the entire course of the race. There's also a great rewind feature or really video viewer at the end of the race from which you can admire the scenery or well actually view the cars rolling around and it's very interactive in terms of camera usage. For fans of cars and realistic physics this game is well worth it at this point as it's no longer just a tech demo and has a great number of things to check out. I will also include this time that I have checked out their fun physics playground which I was given as well which lets you just go about in this blank world with tons of other cars if choose and just go through torture machines to see how the vehicles get all torn up. It really is a thing of beauty and a lot of fun. Next Car Game is definitely worth checking out on the early access and I have included a link below to check out the Steam page. Check back later on for more impressions and of course a review when the game is fully complete at whatever point that's!

Next Car Game Steam Early Access Page

Impressions Made on PC during Steam Early Access

Impressions by: Jason Stettner

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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