Star Wars Battlefront 2: Resurrection Impressions

Following the same release schedule initially as the first Star Wars Battlefront we've been given a quick DLC tie in with the core episodic movie release. This brings such us a stellar new map that's literally an area right from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It's essentially the whole ending sequence, yet expanded upon even. Along with that map we're given a proper conclusion to the campaign with a short set of missions that conclude Iden Versio's story. It's actually a lot of content to get so soon after launch and it feels like it should have almost all been included at the launch.

That aside, they did a fantastic job on the core map as it's essentially the exact scene it's aiming to emulate from the movie. It's also just gorgeous as the two massive enhanced AT-AT Walkers slumber over towards the Rebel base. There's the red dust from the salt that sprays all around, those ugly broken crawlers moving through at quick speeds and intense open combat. It's a simply stunning level and even more intense once the stage moves inside. With the game type it falls under everything is done in stages with just an insane vault battle right at the end. Crait is a really well done map for the Galactic Conquest and for those crazy about space there's also D'Qar added in Starfighter Assault.
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Finn and Captain Phasma also join the fight though it seems Phasma is the real power in the grouping. Her electric shocking drone is particularly powerful in the Heroes vs Villains mode. They both can get a quick boost of health and fire their strong blasters at foes. The final part of the pack is the campaign entitled "Resurrection". It works more towards the events of the core movie episodes and concludes Iden Versio's story. It's honestly somewhat short and it seems like they condensed what could have been an expansive story. There was probably enough material to base part of the next Battlefront campaign around, but I see what they were aiming to do by the end of it.

It starts off with quite a time skip and fret not, I won't go over spoilers on this. This features much older characters and immediately continues from the events of the regular story. Things in the galaxy are strangely similar, yet a new threat is quickly rising. I wasn't a fan of the continued focus on space missions since they seem dragged, but I did like the shooter portions and narrative. The space mission was somewhat dragged out here is what I really am getting at with the entire expansion taking under an hour of time to play. It did feel that it could have been greatly expanded upon however and that was disappointing. Overall this is a fine pack, I'm happy with the multiplayer and I suppose satisfied with the way the Battlefront 2 whole story ended.

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