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Laser League is an arena based combat game where players attempt to dodge a variety of colorful walls. It's got a very Tron-like vibe to it as players are these intense futuristic athletes competing against one another in differing colors to survive the longest. There's an in-depth customization option to it as well as classes that alter how your character will impact the game field. The matches are split into rounds where players are trying to be the last team standing. Matches offer various quantities of players with options for what sort of battle you'd like to have. While you're locked within the various rounds, when a switch up happens the losing team can alter their setup in order to form a new strategy. It's actually quite competitive and I was surprised at how fun it can be.

You're essentially just trying to evade the walls, but the way they change and the interactions with others is what makes it thrilling. The walls do follow patterns and I imagine the more intense players will attempt to keep track of these to best understand the paths to take while playing. Even if you're not great at dodging the seemingly random shapes of walls popping up and constantly changing, you can go on the assault. Some of the classes have certain skills to help with your option to perhaps stun an enemy for a wall to take them out or just swat them down to particle death in a quick strike.
Laser League arena Screenshots
The option in combat is of course up to each player and it's about changing your strategy up to have the best strategy to win. Players can also revive one another when they're down leading to last second clutches where everyone gets a rez and other times where that just doesn't happen. It plays well, is quite simple and yet very entertaining. It's an engaging experience as you need to pay attention to dodge walls and players that are constantly coming at you.

The arena is lovely, it's very bright and there are a wide range of color options for teams. The crowds go nuts in the back drop and the entire presentation is just sharp. There seems to be a good amount of customization available for the title as you adjust the players, armor, emotes and so forth. It's a very unique sort of game that can provide quick, entertaining matches. While it runs very well on the PC I'd love to see this sort of thing also available on consoles as it seems perfect for that type of atmosphere.

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