PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One Impressions

At the current point PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the biggest game out there and it's finally come to console on Xbox One. It appears in the form of a Xbox Game Preview title and is hopefully going to get a lot of improvements while it's in the program. This preview setup is essentially the same as Steam Early Access where games are worked on before a full release. The game is focused on providing an open world environment from which players quickly grab gear and then fight each other to the death. The results on the console are somewhat disappointing however since it faces some rough initial performance. It's not the worst, but definitely not what I was expecting when jumping in.

I've heard reports on the base model having quite the list of issues, but I can only currently speak of my time on the Xbox One X version. The game is enhanced, though 4k resolution isn't being noted as presented while it's performing at a targeted 30fps with glorious HDR. The 30fps target is not currently hit as it chugs along most of the time and it's particularly bad near the start of matches as well as during the last few moments if you make it to the center ring.

There are other issues as well with certain parts of the environment loading in and out along with other smaller glitches. I would have expected something better with this being the Xbox One X version and after having played a great build of this at Pax West 2017. Still, at least for the Xbox One X PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is something that I feel can be easily improved upon for a stable experience. Aside from issues it's still an insanely fun and addicting game to play. You can enjoy singles, duos or groups of players. When I first started today it was just the first two modes, but loading it up later groups was also an option which I played a couple matches even winning one, hurray!

In singles you're just straight up fighting the entire allotment of enemies in pure free for all. It's brutal and all about collecting an item while attempting to outlast everyone with whatever tactics you feel work best. The game is stacked full of weapons, tools and other things to collect, these are all handled in a really well streamlined inventory system. Duos is basically the same thing as solo, but there's groups of two. Teams is special because you get a larger squad and so do others. Coordination is important, you'll have to use the markers to pinpoint things and just work together if you want to win. The controls feel good, I think the aiming system needs to be adjusted since it's a double LT to really aim in and that's strange. The gun aiming could also use some small tweaks just to get it more refined, it's not bad now however. It feels tactical for controls, the visuals are definitely decent glitches aside and there's a great draw distance here.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the game so many are going crazy for is finally on the Xbox One and for the most part from what I've played it's stable enough to enjoy it. I'm sure the issues, at least on Xbox One X will get ironed out while it's on the program and hope the base console gets some love as well. This is really a lot of fun if you have friends to enjoy it with, but even just entering with randoms can be a grand time.

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