Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Impressions

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is the latest entry in this chilling and dark universe where your killing makes an impact on the world. This is a full expansion to Dishonored 2 taking the same sort of world structure and creating a unique new narrative within it. Following Billie Lurk as the protagonist your aim is to kill the Outsider and that's not entirely an easy task. While at Pax West 2017 I was able to check out a mission from the game to get an idea on how things will run. The character was interesting to play with dialogue that really fit well into the context of what was happening. That might seem obvious, but it's well presented and wanted to make a point of it.

Those that are familiar with the series will feel right at home here with this spin-off of sorts while also getting to enjoy a new perspective. During the demo I was sent forth into this confined, yet open city block. I had a main objective of getting a key, yet the area was wide open with other things I could do. I spent this time mostly just exploring as I wanted to see what could be done. I ventured into some homes taking people out and then throwing some of them into the river.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Screenshot
I also went one display house of sorts taking out the lady that ran the business, at first this seemed like an evil thing to do. Though after going into her basement to see some horrors, I felt much better about doing so. This area and level of freedom really help to show that this is a fairly large effort within the universe. You have main goals to complete, but can also take on side activities as well. There were bounties to do within the local area if I wanted to and some side ventures that were present. It was actually rather surprising to see so much depth and choice not only in what to do, but how to get it done.

The level had multiple aspects of verticality as I teleported across various points to get where I wanted. I enjoyed hearing the narrative of the character and how fierce the combat was with this rather intense mix of spells or sharp objects. It wasn't particularly easy to straight up attack folks and using the teleport to get around folks was essential with this character. I definitely enjoyed the small tease for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and it looks like this expansion will bring something new, yet desired for fans or even newcomers to the series.

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