Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

I loved the revamp for Wolfenstein this generation and the this direct sequel of The New Colossus has me very excited. Things have changed since the last game as B.J. Blazkowicz barely survived an insane series of explosions which I honestly thought had finished him off. Awakening in a water based vessel that the group had somehow managed to steal he gets a rocky start after being in a coma for some time. He's definitely no longer the strong and insane Nazi killing machine he once was barely being able to get himself into a chair.

The poor guy is riddled with scars and left almost too weak. That would be boring however and after grabbing a wheel chair, you get into the action with some guns. It very well might have been one of the strangest demos I've played at an event and was honestly expecting something more action based. Not to say this wasn't exciting, it just wasn't at all something I could have predicted. Grabbing some guns you then wheel around once again getting used to this old school style of play. You'll need health packs, armor and bullets to survive.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Screenshot
This level was not only great for showcasing what we can expect from the sequel, but also providing a basis for where the story has been taken. Many familiar friends pop in right away and we get to see that the group has had some troubles recently. It also gives us a state of the world which Blazkowicz has motivated to rise up against the current Nazi occupation. Some opposing threats from before arise and we also see a sort of progression on that side of things. The combat felt solid aside from wheeling around and it was far more comedic than I remember. There were some straight up jokes going on during this all and some funny trap based moments.

There was a nice balance of direct combat or the choice to use the environment to help out. The ship was surprisingly large and it was interesting to move through it. I was very happy with what I saw from The New Colossus and fully expect this to expand on the strong first game. The whole alternate world they're building with these games is fascinating and I can't wait to see what's happened to the United States since that's where most of the game is supposed to be set. I definitely feel that this sequel is on the right path for just improving on the amazing first entry of this modern Wolfenstein series.

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