Black Desert Online Xbox One X Impressions

Black Desert Online was another game I got to witness on Xbox One X while at Pax West 2017 with the game running at 4k max settings. It looked like 60fps, but there wasn’t a developer present and only an exhibitor assistant. This game is currently using a Xbox One wrapper like the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds so this isn’t an optimized for the console build. That being said, it was yet again damn impressive running with what looked and felt like no issues. It was a small taste, but I was able to move around and perform some of the slick combat.

The characters look fantastic as the game is known for its custom creator and it’s nice to see the console run it so well. To see such a large scale MMO run like that on a console is a definitely a promising sign of what’s to come for the platform. Seeing this type of game run like it does most certainly gives me hope that more favorites could transfer over to the console while not sacrificing what makes the games so unique on PC. The visuals were stunning while it all ran fluid with a render distance that was exciting. I didn't get to have a huge travel within the world, but I got a good sense on how it transferred over.

Black Desert Online Xbox One X Screenshot
I did find some of the mapping to be odd for the controller, but with custom mapping and who knows how long until release it’ll probably become much better. For those unaware of Black Desert Online it is a massive MMO and honestly the most gorgeous ever, it hit the West in early 2017. I thought it was really awesome and just filled with things to do. You can take on trades, join guilds, go fishing or take part in quests. There are too many possible hours of gameplay here and again, to see this on the Xbox One X was something that I certainly didn’t anticipate. As long as they make it streamlined for the controller I can see this game really taking off on the platform.

You can choose from many classes and truly make a custom character with the pile of editors. For those that enjoy pvp the game has a robust competitive area including guilds, building forts and engaging in large scale combat. The entire experience is always being built upon and I can only imagine that will continue when it arrives on the console. It would also be great to see it have cross-play to grow the player pool, but nothing has been announces there.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner