Minecraft Xbox Better Together Impressions

Minecraft Xbox has finally gotten the special Better Together update, or at least in preview which allows players to experience the Bedrock version of the game. This new version of the game simply titled "Minecraft" replaces the existing version and offers improvements on every aspect of gameplay. Gone are limited worlds, restricted skins and small/locked maps. Take your existing worlds over simply by syncing them or download others from online. You can even take advantage of new DLC community worlds which are massive created projects that completely change the game from the textures to the mobs.

These are amazing and having played a number of them most are well worth your time. Aside from editing things, the game itself runs better with an improved render distance and cross-play. You'll eventually be able to play with Windows 10, Pocket Edition, Nintendo Switch and Virtual Reality Minecraft players. It already supports at least Android since I was able to test that out and it's flawless. You can also play with a mouse and keyboard or a controller so this version has options for everyone.

I did however have a number of crashes while playing the game and these were mostly in the form of world syncing since it's buggy. Custom skins are currently not available and neither are usb based add-ons though the feature will be coming soon. For the most part it runs well while retaining an above 60fps mark so the gameplay is damn smooth. It's got all the features of Minecraft that one would want with a number of options that weren't previously available on Xbox One Edition. The mobs quantity has also been overhauled with limitless amounts so the density of wild life is unbelievable high. It was also nice to see video options to adjust for performance as that's something a console usually doesn't get.

For the most part this all runs smooth aside from crashes getting it going and minor features not being available. Considering this was supposed to be released a bit ago I would have assumed these aspects would be ready, but that wasn't the case. It's set to launch around October so it should be interesting if they're actually able to deliver that. Whatever does happen there, I'm sure it won't be as delayed as 4J always was and certainly less buggy. Minecraft Better Together is an exciting change to the game and I can't wait until everyone can get together.

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