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"User Created Dungeon Crawling to the Extreme"

Looking upon the Steam upcoming releases as I'm sure many do, I came across Fight the Dragon and was quite interested in what seemed to be a very unique style. When I was finally able to play the title I was amazing by the mix of almost unlimited level possibilities and the very addictive dungeon crawling gameplay. It was just amazing to be captured so quickly within the charm as you just keep playing as you try to level your character and grab as much dropped items as you can possibly hold. Even furthermore it is fascinating that any individual can easily create and share custom levels that they have made with everyone. It literally has one of the most user friendly editing systems I've seen since Forge in Halo as you create any sort of world you would like. From there it is a matter of simple checkmarks and then your world can be published so others can randomly come across it on their journey's. It just throws each map into the mix as you progress you find more and more levels as your adventure map grows. This all starts from humble beginnings at your hub or start area which also has a wide variety of side activities to checkout which will mostly be coming while the game progresses overtime on the early access area. One really cool thing that is available currently is to fight an amazingly deadly dragon that incinerates you, so that's something. Onto the gameplay which is an over the top scroller with basic swings and extra power ups available with your rage bar. This keeps everything basic and doesn't task you to keep tabs on too many things that are going on at once; will note that there are also vials of Health, along with Rage that are on the mini tab menu. Slashing and hacking your way through the creatures is definitely the most viable way of reaching the final marker pole, though there are some checkmarks posts that provide health along the way.

Remember when in combat it is best to keep your hero alive as progression can be quite easily halted through a death and the hero graveyard may be your next resting place. Personally I have yet to visit such a place, but that's quite honestly where I imagine you would end up. The creatures that you will face vary in design and health, but they are all manageable with proper strategy. From skeletons to mummies or even minotaur creates, yet these lower health characters are not your only threat as there are also the occasional boss to battle with. Perhaps even the best aspect of this dungeon crawling is that it can be done in local multiplayer of two or online with up to four players for maximum loot and slaughter. Fight the Dragon is in great condition currently on the early access and I really look forward to see how it progresses in the future. I can only see better things, especially with the community taking a part in creating unlimited levels for maximum playability.

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Impressions Made on PC during Steam Early Access
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Impressions by: Jason Stettner

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