Hovercraft Battle Arena Review

The Game

Hovercraft Battle Arena is a free to play mobile title that has players battling it out in little ships. It's a simple concept and one that works rather well. You're minimally playing just altering the direction of your craft as it features auto-shooting and collection of any items. There are a couple items to pick-up as you fly around shooting randomly. This is purely a multiplayer experience as you battle in teams of three across the same game mode. There's really not much to this and it comes with some ridiculous microtransactions.

Aside from getting pelted by unskippable ads they have an insane weekly charge setup for VIP and other purchases to improve your ship faster or get crates quicker. This presents a vast advantage and the game itself feels generally empty after playing it for a bit. It has some level of equal play, but you can clearly tell the ones that have the better weaponry. It handled well for the most part, yet I did feel that hit detection was a bit odd on some objects as I'd be clipping them without directly interacting with the path blocking shape. It carries a minimalistic style which was nice and a few small maps to play. It just generally gets repetitive after a couple games.
Hovercraft Battle Arena Screenshot IOS
Hovercraft Battle Arena is an alright multiplayer shooter that comes at no cost while pelting you with ads, among other microtransactions. It's simple to play, perhaps too simple honestly as I felt like I wasn't doing anything. The core game mode was interesting as you try to collect and hold blocks to win, but I wanted more variety there.

There's a full ship creation tool which was excellent, full voxel editing and destruction is featured here in regards to the ships. You can customize the loadout and even select from a number of pre-fab options. I liked the idea of this game, it just feels limited with too many ads and microtransactions.

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Hovercraft Battle Arena Review on iPhone XS

Rating Overall: 5.5/10

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner