Bloody Gaming B840 LK Optic Mechanical Keyboard Review

The B840 LK Optic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. Like with the mouse counterpart I was able to review this device delivers on performance making it a perfect keyboard for hardcore gamers.

Speed is everything to gamers that take their competitions seriously and with the Light Strike Optic Switch you get killer performance. The switch offers lightning speed at 0.2ms key response time and great durability of 50 million key strokes while retaining the tactile feedback.

This aspect helps to keep each use of the keyboard the same for a very long time which is important to those that want the familiarity of a keyboard they get used to over an extended period of time. The keystroke is also faster than most sporting a 25% improvement with a travel distance of 3mm which is where the faster rebound percentage comes in.

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Hardware Continued
I generally like the look of the keyboard with its nice neon orange light display that's held together by a silver metal casing. This does however also create somewhat of a plain look as well of which I'm torn between. I don't particularly hate the look finding it fine, but it could also have been more attention grabbing. The keys feel nice with a slight grip and extra overlay caps for eight core keys to provide some extra tactical grip if you'd like.

The general layout is also efficient having all the important keys that one would need with gaming, but it might have been nice to have some extra keys to macro or even multimedia keys also present for non-gaming. There's also an option to set macro keys and other customization through the Bloody Gaming software which is a great extra option for personalization. The keyboard has a decent weight to it with the metal casing to keep it firm without any unwanted movement while slamming away at it and a kickstand option if you'd like it to be elevated.

The included cord is of decent thickness and great quality to which I'm sure it will not have any problems with fraying over time. The cord is also lengthy offering enough slack for any setup featuring a red and black color scheme with a velcro length adjuster to tie off the slack if needed. These aspects come together for what's certainly a durable and high quality keyboard.

When playing games the keyboard offered fast response and quick performance in games that require an extra edge in that regard. These types include command type experiences such as with RTS' and fast switch between keys was impressive. The keys had a comfortable amount of spacing on them for not only moving swiftly in games, but also for typing efficiently. A final note there would be that I also quite liked the style of the letter characters on the keyboard as they're cool looking.

Bloody Gaming B840 LK Optic Mechanical Keyboard Review Screenshot

The Conclusion

The B840 offers solid performance and a great quality which are important aspects when it comes to selecting a keyboard for gaming use. This is definitely aimed towards the hardcore group having a focused design and a series of tweaks that give the perfect advantage when playing. The design is fine as it looks interesting, I would have just liked it to be somewhat fancier.

The orange glow is nice with cool character keys and it certainly carries a unique style there. To build on that the actual quality all around is top notch and I doubt there will be any issues on that front with this keyboard for a very long time. The keyboard is a compelling choice for those that want the absolute fastest response times for their games and desire a straight forward gaming focused keyboard.

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Review done on Bloody Gaming B840 LK Optic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provided by Bloody Gaming tested with Minecraft Win10, Left 4 Dead 2, Age of Empires 2 Remastered, Call of Duty 4, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Gears of War 4, Day of Infamy, Killing Floor 2, Pit People, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and Xbox One inputs

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner