Bloody Gaming AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse Review

The AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse from Bloody Gaming is one that's aimed towards the competitive crowd and directly at gamers that want the quickest performance. It sports some very impressive speeds with key response times under 1ms and a tracking speed of 150 inches/sec.

This is matched with quality performance having a high durability level with 300km gliding mouse feet, 50 million click Left/Right and 10 million scrolls (not the Elder ones). These are of course certain picked out sections to give a general idea of what quality this mouse is packing. It's also an incredibly customizable mouse featuring almost unlimited lights (mine is lime green!), multiple button settings and tons of smaller tweaks when using the Bloody Gaming software.

You can really get as technical as you'd like to with the device adjusting every little detail or if you're not entirely into that sort of thing can just enjoy as is with stellar performance. The option really is up to you as it's instant to hook-up and very quick to edit with the Bloody Gaming software. When it comes to options on the mouse you have your standard buttons, two left side ones for backward and forward browsing (I feel these two are essential these days) and three custom ones at the top. This should provide solid options for a number of games though if you're looking for a wild amount of buttons for whatever reason this is more traditional in that regard.

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Hardware Continued
The AL90 features a fairly lengthy cord that carries a red and black design to it. There's a velcro length adjuster attached on the cord if you'd like to control how much slack is available and a standard USB plugin at the end. It's a thick cord so I can't ever imagine seeing it get frayed and there's a definite thick strength to it. The mouse also has a nice quality feel to it while being amazingly light, comfortable to hold and provides some good grip to keep you in command.

It's also smooth literally gliding across the bare desk or even better on a mousepad of which Bloody Gaming provided a great one to check everything out on. The Right/Left clicks are solid for general clicking not being too loud while offering some feedback so each click is known. I also liked the side grip of the mouse finding both sides to hold me fingers well with a comfy resting spot.

During competitive games such as shooters I found this mouse greatly out performed the standard Microsoft one I usually use. This was true not only for how fast it was to move my cursor about, but the response speed and comfort when shooting was much better. It's also comfortable to use for extended periods of time and offers a very responsive experience. I even had to adjust certain sensitivities in games as it was much more focused with a better exact pixel direction. This aspect is important when it comes to shooters as having that extra bit of exact aim when in combat makes all the difference, especially when sniping or using long distance weapons.

Bloody Gaming AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse Review Screenshot

The Conclusion

This is a perfect mouse for the hardcore gamer offering a wide variety of customizable options and with the free Bloody Gaming software download you can realize the device's full available functions. There's a wide range of things to edit on this mouse to make it feel entirely personal and with that I love having the option to adjust colors. The mouse also carries a quality design to it with many adjustments that are sure to make it have longevity and I haven't had or seen any potential issues when really testing it out.

The general design is also aesthetically pleasing offering a nice command setup for where your fingers go and the grip that covers the mouse kept my fingers comfortably placed. It's a good step up from regular mice and a great one for those that want something geared towards gaming. It doesn't carry a large range of buttons if you're looking for that sort of thing, but it does have many options to tweak your modes. The AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse offers impressive quality, an ultra smooth responsive design and in general is perfect for the hardcore gamer.

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AL90 Blazing Laser Gaming Mouse Review Product provided by Bloody Gaming tested with Minecraft Win10, Left 4 Dead 2, Age of Empires 2 Remastered, Call of Duty 4, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Gears of War 4, Day of Infamy, Killing Floor 2, Pit People and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Rating Overall: 8.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner