Snakebyte Game:Pad S Review

The Snakebyte Game:Pad S for Nintendo Switch is a solid wired controller providing a traditional input option. This is great as while the Joy-Cons are neat, sometimes you want something that's more competitive. This then fills that gap by offering a comfortable and decent choice for control. First off, the cord is extremely long at 3 meter or well 9.8 feet. This means you can easily sit far away from your TV and Switch hub to enjoy your experience. It would have been nice to get the wireless option, but it's great to just have any sort of standard option as a controller for the console.

There's dual rumble vibration and a set of capture buttons for instant recording of your favorite gaming moments on the Nintendo Switch. Another neat extra is the assignable turbo feature for when you want a little extra help. It's definitely got some nifty options included and a regular layout that feels natural. With that the two analog sticks are included at the bottom for fast thumb access. This followed by a D-Pad at the top left and the buttons on the top right. There are actually decent bumpers included as well as much larger triggers since the traditional Joy-Con is terrible for shooters and driving games.
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The Game:Pad S provides a decently ergonomic design with a hard plastic casing. It doesn't have too much give, but is fine for comfort over extended periods of time. The buttons are fine, easy to tap and very apparent with the darker red coloring against the black matte look. The analog sticks are a tad higher than I'm used to, yet this works fine for control since they're both lower controller based. It's a rather small controller so I don't imagine the younger audience will have any issues grasping it and by comparison it's very similar to the Playstation 4 Dual Shock in size. The wire is thick and USB ended plugging into the hub of the Nintendo Switch and therefore not be an option for handheld gaming on the device.

The Conclusion

I was rather pleased with the Game:Pad S as it provides a solid base controller for the Nintendo Switch that is traditional. It seems very tough with the hard plastic design while comfortable enough to use over extended periods of time. I can't imagine one being able to easily damage it from any typical falls it might experience. The cord is lengthy making it ideal for essentially any regular room and the color scheme is a sleek black with dark red outlines for key inputs. It features full bumper and triggers which is great for the console and all the parts of it are very responsive for games. I tried it out with a selection of genres where it performed perfectly well with no latency issues. It was truly nice to have a standard controller on the Nintendo Switch and this provides an excellent option for the platform when it's docked.

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Snakebyte Game:Pad S Review product provided by Little Big PR tested with Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition, Party Planet, DOOM, Floor Kids, One More Dungeon, Gear.Club Unlimited.

Rating Overall: 7.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner