Antlion Pro Gaming Uber Wide Mousepad Review

December 4, 2017
By Jason Stettner

The Antlion Pro Gaming Uber Mousepad is quite an interesting item, I haven't used a mousepad in awhile and I don't think of them too often. Still, for many it's an essential part of their setup and one that's definitely overlooked.

Some grab mousepads that are silly, have some weird picture they like though if you're somewhat serious about your games or just general work. You should probably have something that makes the mouse perform at its best. If your setup is large, a regular mousepad probably won't due, so it's nice to have something expansive.

With this uber wide edition from Antlion you get a 900mm wide spread to fit basically everything on. It has stitched edges and ultra fast cloth technology. It is quite smooth to use and the mouse gracefully glides upon it. There's enough grip that keeps it focused, but still a good amount of free movement.

This includes support for laser of optical mice. It holds to your desk rather well as I noticed minimal movement with a real effort while on plastic and only slight movement when upon glass. It holds for the most part unless you make an effort for it not to. The texture of the fabric is soft and nice, it keeps relatively cool only lightly warming after extended use providing a nice feeling of having been used.

Antlion Pro Gaming Uber Wide Mousepad Review Screenshot

Hardware Continued
In case you're curious that actually isn't my desk, my sister loved it so much she basically just stole it from me. That's fine, it's a better case for me to look from a distance and see how it has functioned over use. It fits all the essential items one would place and it's been a nice addition to the space. The look is sleek and fits in with all the modern black designs electronics carry. It blends in nicely and takes up all the space one would want within a large area. I was very impressed myself after giving it some extended testing while working or playing some games.

The Conclusion

The Antlion Pro Gaming Uber Wide Mousepad is fantastic, as far as mouse pads go I haven't seen anything in the same league as this one. This is one of the more bizarre reviews I've written for sure, yet when working through it I can see why this sort of item would be integral to one's work space.

It's an often overlooked part of the desktop and that perhaps isn't fair. If you're looking for something minimal, dynamic and will cover your whole space while not distracting then this option is perfect for just that.

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Uber Wide Mousepad Review product provided by Antlion tested with a mouse, keyboard and an Iphone SE.

Rating Overall: 9.2

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner