Bionik Quickshot Review

Things are quickly evolving with gaming and following that is a rise in accessories or additional gear to give players a competitive edge. I absolutely love my Xbox Elite Controller, but let's be honest that the thing is very expensive for just a controller. That's where the Bionik Quickshot comes in as an affordable option to quickly improve your already existing collection of Xbox One controllers. The package is simple as is the goal, with two back controller pieces you can achieve a trigger lock.

A trigger lock is important when gaming as it significantly cuts down your firing time by making the controller send out a faster response. Think of it like a buffer for when you tap a trigger and instead of going all the way down it only needs to reach half that far. This makes the shots effectively much quicker, more responsive and decreases time between your next pull. This is essential for shooters as getting every little advantage can make the difference between continuing a run or facing death.

Bionik Quickshot review

Hardware Continued
The Bionik Quickshot is really simple, not only to use but also with how it functions. You get a small orange tool that's used for removing the sides of the controller and then you just pop these new pieces in. There's nothing more to it, that being said I suggest extreme caution when using the tool. This has nothing to do with the Bionik Quickshot parts and more with the controller. The Xbox One controllers have an incredibly cheap piece of plastic between the bumpers so don't be too forceful when removing the sides as it's not needed, they come off very easily.

Once attached, these new backs provide a textured rubber grip, trigger locks and are similar in functionality to the expensive Elite Controller. I found the locks to be easy to switch out though a slight adjustment of hand position is needed if you do it on the fly. Comfort wise I didn't really notice much of a difference and the better grip is welcomed. I would have personally preferred a softer rubber on the back since it comes across as coarse to me compared to the Elite Controller, but it's not at all a big deal.

The Conclusion

I felt that the Bionik Quickshot provides a simple and affordable solution to those that feel the Elite Controller is far too expensive. It works with all your existing Xbox One controllers and really is just an improvement. It's got great value with a simple function that is essential to those that play any sort of shooter. The pieces are not hard to install and can be swapped out at anytime if needed. The lock is a simple mechanism and the general design seems to carry a high quality. I'm not sure I was huge fan of the texture chosen for the grup, but that's more of a personal thought. It provides better handling for shooting and it's a solid addition to any regular controller if you want just that more of an edge.

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Bionik Quickshot Review product provided by BH Impact tested with Gears of War 4; Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Dungeon Defenders II and Minecraft.

Rating Overall: 8.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner