PDP Joy-Con Armor Guards Review

The PDP Joy-Con Armor Guards are about as intense as one could get with protecting their little controllers. Particularly great for those with younger ones as it's certain to cushion the controllers and keep them safe. The cases are much harder than their soft body counterparts that I was also able to check out. They both carry a similar formula of protection, but offer two distinct kinds with these being the high end of armor. Included are two sets of colors, a sleek black and a lighter blue scheme. You get the hard case for the outside of the Joy-Con and some analog stick pieces that are a tight, yet still tough solution to protecting the pieces that stick out.

It's a simple set that works well in keeping these controllers from facing harm whether that's a drop, throw or children getting their hands on them. The cover still has a nice grip to it that's comfy and is carried with the analog stick covers as well. I did however have some issues getting the Joy-Cons out of the cases after, so you can take that as holding the controller really well. It's a fairly simple product and one that will fill the necessity of keeping the pristine quality of your Joy-Cons.

PDP Joy-Con Armor Guards Screenshot

The Conclusion

The PDP Joy-Con Armor Guards provide the best protection for your Switch controllers and holds them steady in case of any issues. I can see these being great for those prone to dropping things or even for the younger ones to keep the controllers in good shape. The casing is thick, but still nice to hold with their grip and they fit over the Joy-Cons easily. I had some slight issues getting them out afterwards, but that's good in the sense that they're snug.

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Review done on PDP Joy-Con Armor Guards provided by PDP tested with Nintendo Switch and Minecraft Nintendo Switch

Rating Overall: 7.5

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner