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PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit Review

The Nintendo Switch Starter Kit from PDP is basically your essential starter pack for the Switch. It includes a variety of items that cover all basics for the console. Included in this pack is a screen protector; carrying case, earbuds, Joy-Con Covers and a Cloth. The carrying case is the most noticeable and stand out part of the package. The case has a nice, strong fabric for protection of the device while not being overly large. The zipper is smooth to use and it also has a nice handle piece that can be taken off easily if needed. The inside of the case is split between a spot for games and one for the console. The case slots are tight and hold games well while making them easy to remove.

There are fourteen slots available for your games or even sd cards which I imagine would fit as well. The mesh has a soft fabric to it which is important when holding a Switch and it nestles in there nicely. The cloth element is a smooth fabric used for screen cleaning and it does just that, if you've had similar electronics it's the same but with the red Nintendo Switch color. This theme of branding is present across all the elements in here which is great to help match the console.

PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit Screenshot

Hardware Continued
Another item is the earbuds, which is just a regular set of headphones for your Switch. These are alright and work fine with the console. The audio quality isn't fantastic, but it's loud and creates some sense of 3D space. It sounds slightly clouded when listening to music though so really limited to working with the Switch. They feel somewhat cheap with earbuds that hold alright, but aren't too comfortable. The cord is smooth with just enough thickness that I doubt they'd fray easily. The cord also features a neat split design for adjusting the length you need for your head while lacking mute or audio volume options.

The final part of this collection are the Joy-Con covers. These are simple gray rubber covers that easily slip onto the Joy-Con controllers. The cover provides a smooth texture with a slight amount of extra grip. There's also a piece for just the analog stick which is nice since I've had issues with those. These are particularly great if you want to keep the Joy-Cons in good condition as my red one got a scratch after half a day with the console which was not cool. The bottom of the rubber is extra thick for a good cushion, but I'm slightly worried about how thin the other side is. It fits the controller well, but it's very thin which might tear at some point down the road.

The Conclusion

I'd say this is a fairly essential pack for those that want some protection for their Nintendo Switch. It would be particularly great for kids that are using the console since the basics will help protect it. These of course are the screen protector which will help from scratches (the console dock apparently has issues for some) and the small cushion for the Joy-Cons are good to have. The case is my favorite part of this pack holding an array of possible games, the console wonderfully and it's like having everything I need in one small, compact bag. The earbuds are alright to start with and do the job with the cleaner being a nice extra touch.

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Review done on PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit provided by PDP tested with Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Nintendo Switch and IPhone5s.

Rating Overall: 9.0

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner