Gaming Headsets Holiday Gift Guide 2018

There are a ton of gaming headsets out there and I've compiled a guide for the best ones to check out during the holiday season. These selections are a range of quality and affordability for anyone, they'll definitely up your game going into 2019. We're very happy to always be reviewing a number of the headsets working closely with Astro and Turtle Beach with what they release. I've compiled what I believe is a comprehensive listing of headsets and hopefully one of them fits what you're looking for. Here's the gaming headsets holiday gift guide 2018.

Astro A20 - Read the Review
This is a really good wireless options that fits into the medium category of headsets in terms of cost. There's a model for Xbox One or Playstation 4 and both work on PC if you need them to. It's a comfy option that brings quality sound and a sleek design. They're light and match the respective platform they belong to.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2
This is an awesome headset and one of my favorites. It's definitely on the expensive end, but if you want amazing quality and tons of features it's a great choice. I've been lagging in my review of this due to the busy season, but they're highly suggested.

They also come with a mixer that looks like something out of an Iron Man movie that can splice in music or other sounds into your headset. It looks great, feels very comfy and is light to wear. It has a high quality to it being tough and sleek in style. Multiple platform options with this too.
Astro A20 PS4
Astro A10 - Read the Review
This is the entry level Astro and it's available for all the platforms including the Nintendo Switch which is surprising. It's a wired effort, but one that's comfortable and brings quality sound. It's very tough and was originally demonstrated to me at E3 by them throwing it at the wall saying they've been doing it all day. You get a mix of quality and tough attitude that you should have great trouble breaking in any situation.

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 - Read the Review
This is a solid medium range option from Turtle Beach delivering the sound you expect at a good price point. It's a wireless headset that is durable and fits easily in a comfy position. The sound quality is top notch as with the other models, it's just at the market at a point that's affordable. There are options for the various consoles and this is good for someone that wants something better than the standard one, but doesn't want anything too wild in terms of the cost.
Gaming Headsets Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Screenshot

Turtle Beach Stealth 300 - Read the Review

This one is the cheapest option and perhaps one of the best for those that want to get something that's a step up from the basic offerings. It's a wired headset, but still provides quality sound and it's very durable.

It feels comfy as the others do, but it's very friendly in terms of offering something that looks more professional and isn't expensive. It may sound cheap, but this is actually a really good option. I'd say especially for those getting more serious about gaming or younger and need something better that won't break.

Those are the headsets I'd suggest checking out, there are of course other brands on the market but we're very familiar with these ones and they bring a good range of options for whatever you're looking for. There are high end pro ones to really get into with the immersive sound you need and some lower ones that still offer that, but at a better price.

All of these are excellent options for gaming whether you're on consoles with Xbox One, Playstation 4 and even the Nintendo Switch for the A10. PC players benefit from a wide selection and it's easy to pick something for a better experience. One final mention is Atmos and Sonic support is a great extra that these largely support.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner