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Fortnite Heat Things Up With This Fire Item

You can hit the next level of play as in Fortnite, heat things up with this fire item called the "Cozy Campfire". It's a rare utility trap that can be found within the free to play battle royale portion of the game. It is a beneficial item that could give you the edge in the right situation. It's something that must be placed on the floor and will provide a passive gain as it persists for 25 seconds, healing players at the rate of 2 health points per second.

It has a total healing of 50. These special effects can be stacked if the opportunity is available. When in your inventory, it is accessible in the same way that the traps and launch pads are. It's definitely an interesting tool in the arsenal to learn about as while it's rare, it's probably something you'll come across the more you play. The Cozy Campfire can certainly deliver and be a game changer, as you heat things up with this fire item. You can read about various Fortnite modes that were limited below and check out the hub for additional coverage on the well loved battle royale experience.

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Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner