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Fortnite Chill Out Enemies With This Frosty Trap

You can provide a frosty situation within Fortnite, chill out enemies with this frosty trap called the "Chiller". It's a common type trap that can be found within the free to play battle royale portion of the game. It is a beneficial item that could give you the frosted tip advantage in that it can be placed on floors, walls, or ceiling that to apply icy feet to friends or foes that causes them to slide around with low friction. This can adjust movement and therefore give you a fast tipped toe on the foes you face.

It drops in stacks of three and can be found within Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas and Chests. It's chillingly different than what you'd expect being a good tool in the arsenal to learn about as while it's common, it might not be something you care to use very often. The Chiller can certainly deliver and be a game changer at the right moment, as you chill out enemies with this frosty trap. You can read about various Fortnite modes that were limited below and check out the hub for additional coverage on the well loved battle royale experience.

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